Induced SeismiCity Day on Saturday

Oklahoma Coalition to Stop Man-Made Earthquakes Will “Rock” the State Capitol Saturday!

(Oklahoma City, OK)-On Saturday, March 7, a diverse coalition of local and statewide grassroots organizations will rally at the South Plaza of the State Capitol starting at 1:00 pm. The Coalition to Stop Induced Seismicity is organizing this event to give a VOICE to the people of Oklahoma!   Oklahoma residents are calling for a moratorium on high pressure/high volume deep well injection of wastewater from horizontal hydraulically fractured wells in Oklahoma for 12-24 months. This action is for the purpose of stopping or dramatically decreasing the volume of disturbing earthquakes plaguing several counties in central and north central Oklahoma.

Since 2009, Oklahoma has experienced a sharp rise in the strength and numbers of man-made quakes around the clock daily. Last year, Oklahoma became the leading state in the nation for the number of earthquakes at or above magnitude 3.0 at 585 quakes for 2014, twice that of earthquake-prone California.  This year, so far, Oklahomans have survived a total of 146 quakes and counting.  Until recently, following the release of research reports from the US Geological Survey (USGS) and co-authored by the OK Geological Survey (OGS) lead scientist Austin Holland, the OGS and the OK Corporation Commission have steadfastly stood with our oil and gas industry as chief “deniers” of the connection between man-made earthquakes known as “induced seismicity” and the high-pressure injection wells used to dispose of fracking wastewater.  Over past two weeks, and recent daily revelations, this dynamic has begun to change.

“In the past, whenever I made the statement that the “science is in” regarding the correlation between induced seismicity and deep well injection of large volumes of fracking wastes at high pressure, industry and the media would come back at me and say “consider the source,” as if I am incapable of conducting independent research,” said Earl Hatley, Grand Riverkeeper.  “The truth is now evident, in light of most recent journal articles and journalistic articles, that the “deniers” of the truth have played a heavy hand in either misrepresenting or hiding the truth from the public for years!” Hatley further stated.

In an article recently published by the USGS and Austin Holland, induced seismicity associated with deep well injection is identified as a likely cause for Oklahoma’s rash of quakes since 2009. In the study, policy makers and regulatory personnel are advised of ways to reduce seismicity while managing disposal of fracking wastes, given the history of what has been learned about induced seismicity since the phenomenon began to be studied in the1960s.

“Clean Energy Future Oklahoma recognized the history of man induced seismicity early on, and this is why in March of 2014, when the earthquakes began to take on a frightening level of frequency and magnitude, we began our petition drive calling on Governor Fallin to issue an Executive Order for a moratorium on injection wells to halt these earthquakes for the health and safety of our people.  We brought a letter on Oct. 11th to her office with our request, but have not heard her response,” said Barbara VanHanken, Chair of Clean Energy Future OK and Chair of Oklahoma Sierra Club.

Payne County, Logan County and Garfield County, to name a few, bear the brunt of the damage these low level and medium level quakes can cause to our homes and our nerves.  Homes are cracking! You can see the damage to woodwork, stone and brickwork and concrete slabs that are cracked.

“Over time our homes, publicly used buildings, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure are likely to suffer minor, moderate, or even severe damage. While homeowners can purchase earthquake insurance (if they can afford it), insurance companies will want to know which quake caused the damage and which well caused the quake before they pay out. How will Oklahomans be able to make those claims? When will state leaders own up to the gross willful negligence of allowing the oil and gas industry to destroy our homes and our infrastructure just so oil barons can make a quick buck?”  Said Angela Spotts, Stop Fracking Payne County.

“Coalition to Stop Induced Seismicity”

Clean Energy Future Oklahoma, LEAD Agency/Grand Riverkeeper, Stop Fracking Payne County, Stop Fracking Logan County, OK Chapter Sierra Club, Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance, OK State Conference NAACP, OKC Branch NAACP, Idle No More (Central OK), Food & Water Watch, Norman Coalition Against Fracking, All Souls Green Team


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