Potentially Explosive Train Cargo Puts Tulsans At Risk

Potentially Explosive Train Cargo

TULSA, Oklahoma – They’re a moving threat, crisscrossing Green Country every hour of every day, and there’s a warning about the explosive potential of rail cars traveling through Oklahoma.

Recent derailments and deadly explosions have put rail transport of crude oil under scrutiny.

In Canada, a train carrying oil from North Dakota’s booming oil patch derailed last July, causing explosions that killed 47 people.

Now the Department of Transportation has issued a warning about that specific type of oil, advising it’s more flammable than traditional oil.

Read The U.S. Department Of Transportation’s Warning About Bakken Oil

The feds are scrambling to increase regulations on the transportation of crude oil by rail; trying to make it safer. But our investigation revealed we are all at risk if a train derails.

And that oil is just one of many explosive materials traveling through our cities and towns every single day.

Jim Tinnin lives along the railroad in North Tulsa, right where several train cars derailed in December, leaving a mess crews are still cleaning up.

“It’s a concern alright. You know, but I guess you kind of try to live with it,” said Tinnin.

According to new warnings from federal government agencies, perhaps Tinnin and the rest of us should be worried.

The warnings come in the wake of deadly train explosions, and conclude that the millions of barrels of crude oil being shipped out of North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken oil fields each day are more flammable than traditional oil.

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